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Why do you need a website?

Covid-19 has changed the way we conduct our business. With lockdowns and uncertain economic situations, it is important that we adopt new ways to conduct our business.

Thankfully, with the growth of the internet and the wide adoption of technology, the customers are just a click away to discover your business or contact you online.

Millions of customers are now shifting to online marketplaces where they are presented with a diverse set of products and services to buy while sitting in the comfort of their homes. From booking online appointments to purchasing groceries and conducting online classes, every business and profession has adopted the technology for their survival.

Bitcraftx helps you in digitalizing your business, to create an online marketplace, consultation booking service, and to create doorways to the online world. We help your business get the exposure you need, without you having to move a step out of your office.
Let’s Schedule a consultation session and discuss how we can help your business.

We strive to provide the most economical web development service for you by minimizing the development cost. We have an offshore department in Asia, which helps us cut the cost, and in return, you get the best service possible.

Our 6 Step Process

  1. Schedule a Free Skype/WhatsApp Call
  2. Discuss the Requirements
  3. Prepare a Cost Estimate
  4. Agree on Terms and Conditions
  5. Design and Develop
  6. Make your Site Live!

Services we offer

We provide 360-degree web services which include web design, web development, live websites, web maintenance, speed optimization, custom theme development, custom plugins, SEO, business process automation, eCommerce websites, and much more.

We have certified developers onboard who help companies perform faster, smoother, and boost traffic and conversion rate with a result-driven solution. No matter the business size, no matter the project, we are the web smiths of the digital age!

Our area of expertise lies in

  • UI/UX providing truly engaging user experience services
  • Custom integration to scale your website and integrate with various platforms and services
  • Code review, profiling, and security for better performance and optimization, and configuration improvements
  • Domain-based solutions for enterprise-level, small & medium businesses
  • Developed to scale and user-friendly websites
  • SEO optimized and multisite management
  • Optimization of themes, plugins, and server performance
  • CMS integration with existing websites
  • CMS consultation, maintenance, and support
  • 360-degree flexible solution specific to business needs

Let’s get in touch and discuss your project at hello@bitcraftx.com.

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