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Website Builders vs Tailor Made Websites

Website builders have tremendously increased the pace of web development. Creating websites has never been so easy. If you need a new business website, just go to any website which offers drag and drop builders. Play around with the tool, and your website gets ready in a few hours.

The major benefit you get with website builders is that you don’t even need to know the HTML!

We can all argue that the builder route is for startups and businesses whose focus is not online. They just want their web presence. It can be pretty limiting with the builders as they can only offer you so much flexibility. Need to do anything out of the box, or fancy, then you are on your own, as with builders, you have to leverage only what they offer.

On the other hand, if you want a unique presence, and you have very specific niche needs, which are not available with any builders, then you definitely have to look for tailor-made websites, which are both fast, and optimized for your use case.

We have compiled an infographic that summarises the pros and cons of both builder-based websites and tailor-made websites.

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