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How to sell subscription content on my website?

How to sell subscription content on my website?

To attract leads, convert them into recurring clients, and increase your share of consistent income, sell subscription content on the website online. How fulfilling? At least that sounds like a viable plan to prevent competitors from outselling you, even if it isn’t entirely satisfactory. Since we were unaware of their convenience, subscriptions have been in use. Netflix is widely known. We usually utilize it since we only have to pay once and get to use it for the entire month.

Imagine having to pay for each movie or television show you want to view. Even make daily payments for it. The subscription business model is a fantastical tactic with advantages of its own. If you interact with your consumers frequently, how well would you connect with them?

What Is Subscription?

In a subscription-based business model, a corporation regularly offers continuous items or services in return for payments.

You’ve probably already purchased a subscription for yourself, whether it be for a tangible item or for access to information or a service. Our daily lives now include subscription boxes like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other services. Why then would you want to use the model’s fame for the benefit of your company?

Benefits of Selling Subscription

You may already recognize the distinctive benefits of subscribing as a customer. Convenience reigns supreme: you don’t need to reorder goods or services, since they replenish and renew on their own. Additionally, because businesses sometimes provide discounts for yearly memberships, you might save money over time.

But what advantages do subscription sales provide for businesses?

Recurring Income

Although we’ve already highlighted it, it’s a benefit worth mentioning again. Customers who acquire subscriptions are committed to making purchases for predetermined lengths of time, sometimes up to several months or a year. This enables you to forecast your sales, which greatly increases the predictability and sustainability of your operations.

Recurring revenue is especially critical for staying afloat and outpacing your rivals if you operate a firm in a highly competitive area.

Inventory Management is Simpler

In addition to providing a steady stream of income, offering subscriptions lets you control your inventory more effectively. Due to the fact that many of your subscribers subscribe for lengthy periods of time, you can better estimate the number of goods required to meet requests.

Client Retention

The advantages of subscription purchase for customers—convenience and cost efficiency—have already been noted. The longer a client uses a subscription service, the more value they receive from it, and the more probable it is that they will become a repeat customer.

Keeping clients can really ensure a company’s long-term prosperity. Because they are accustomed to and confident in your company, loyal consumers tend to make larger cumulative purchases.

How to Start Selling Subscription

Are you ready for selling subscriptions to increase your recurring income? We’re here to assist you!

  • Sell well-known subscription-based goods including food, beauty products, subscription boxes, and memberships, and reorder things.
  • You can choose a daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly billing period.
  • For your business or nonprofit, collect reoccurring donations.
  • Enable monthly subscriptions in addition to one-time purchases to give your consumers more choices.
  • Simple subscription management. All of them, including active, terminated, subscriptions with failed charges, and those that need to be confirmed.
  • If you need to clarify subscription information or provide a delivery address, get in touch with subscription customers.

1. Identify a niche.

Start with an area of interest to you. What topics do you enjoy discussing with loved ones? Do you have any issues you can fix? Do you have any experience making things by hand? You set the tone for a well-liked brand. Passion spreads quickly.

2. Source and package your products.

The next step is to decide how you will obtain and package your goods. Will you be selling baked items, wood crafts, or soaps that have been handmade? Will you contract with a manufacturer to make your goods? Or are you going to repackage current products?

Your subscription service must provide something special if you want it to succeed. This may be your goods, or it might be how you package them.

3. Create your online shop.

Everything you require to launch a subscription business is available with WooCommerce. Without changing a single line of code, you can develop a fully personalized website with WooCommerce, which comes with all the shop essentials. The steps to get started are as follows:

Adhere to our five-step plan.

  1. A setup wizard will coach you through the fundamentals after installation to prepare you to sell.
  2. Connect to a payment gateway, a device that permits online payment collection. One that supports recurring billing is required.
  3. Organize tax computations. You may use WooCommerce Taxes to easily and automatically charge the appropriate rates.
  4. Any pages you want can be created. You should have a homepage, about page, contact page, and FAQ page at the very least. To begin going, go to Pages Add New. After that, include material like as photos, text, videos, and buttons using the block editor.
  5. Create your subscription items and install WooCommerce Subscriptions.

4. Select a pricing strategy.

You have numerous options for structuring subscriptions with WooCommerce:

Sell unique, recurring goods: Both you and your consumers gain from selling single goods as subscriptions. They don’t have to bother about placing another order, and you earn regular income. Customers won’t want to run out of items like dog food or coffee, so this is especially useful for those products.

Offer a subscription option along with one-time use items: Installing the plugin All Goods for WooCommerce Subscriptions will allow you to add subscription plans to existing products. Additionally, you may provide subscribers discounts in exchange for signing up or offer subscription plans on the cart page to encourage impulsive purchases.

Subscription boxes for sale: A wonderful method to keep things new and please your clients is through subscription boxes. Typically, on a monthly (or quarterly) basis, you would create or buy themed merchandise. Be imaginative and make boxes based on continents, interests, hobbies, or diets.


Have an idea to sell a subscription product? Let’s get in touch. Bitcraftx provides bespoke web development services at highly affordable rates. Our customer support ninjas would happily assist you with your queries. Schedule a meeting today at



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