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Ai Proposal Builder

AI Proposal Builder


This AI-powered Freelance Proposal Generator plugin leverages ChatGPT to streamline the proposal creation process. Simply use the shortcode [bitcraftx_pr_form] to embed the Proposal Form on any page. Upon activation, the plugin automatically generates a page named “Proposal Form.”

By integrating AI, this plugin offers a unique feature – after entering the client name, job title and job description, users can click the “Get Solution” button. The AI will process the job description and provide an autogenerated solution, saving time and enhancing proposal quality.

Administrators can manage portfolios, portfolio categories, testimonials, and CTAs through the backend for a personalized touch to each proposal.


  • Automatic creation of a “Proposal Form” page.
  • Backend management of portfolios, portfolio categories, testimonials, and CTAs.
  • Frontend proposal generation with enhanced AI functionality:
    • Client Name
    • Job Title
    • Job Description
    • AI-Generated Solution (via “Get Solution” button)
    • Select Portfolio Type
    • Select Portfolio
    • Select Testimonials
    • Your Questions (Optional)
    • Select CTAs
    • Generate Proposal button



  • Formatted proposal text, including the AI-generated solution.
  • “Click to Copy” button to easily copy the generated proposal.
  • “Download Brochure” button to download portfolio details in PDF.



How does the AI-generated solution work?

After entering the client name and job description, click the “Get Solution” button. The AI processes the job description and provides an autogenerated solution, enhancing the proposal content.

Where do I find my ChatGPT API key?

You can obtain your ChatGPT API key by signing up on the OpenAI platform. Once you have the key, enter it in the plugin settings.

Can I customize the AI-generated solution?

Yes, You can customize AI-generated solution.


  1. Upload the entire proposal-builder directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Set up your ChatGPT API key in the plugin settings.
  4. A page named “Proposal Page” will be created automatically. You can use it.
  5. Or use the shortcode [bitcraftx_aipb_form] to embed the Proposal Form on any page.



    • Internationalization of custom post types.
    • This will allow translators to effectively translate our plugin strings into other languages.


    • Updated readme to improve clarity and consistency.
    • Fixed minor UI issues for better user experience.


    • Included third-party libraries to enhance functionality.
    • Updated readme with comprehensive information.


    • Integrated npm for asset minification, improving performance.
    • Updated readme with installation and usage instructions.


    • Implemented security fixes to escape and sanitize inputs.
    • Updated readme with security information and best practices.


    • Initial release of the plugin with core features.
    • Added detailed documentation in the readme file.
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